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Gold Spool began because of a constant issue that kept arising, poor home network design within new construction. We saw a gap between what has been the accepted standard for residential networks and what new homes need to have. Our combined experience in home networking has allowed us the ability to implement new standards and ensure that every home we touch will not have to worry about wireless or data connection issues for many years to come. We can retrofit your existing home to these standards or design and install your home network during the building process. With new construction having its own stress, we are here to alleviate any issues we can so that the process goes as smooth as possible. Because of this, we are proud to offer a 3 year installation warranty.

Our pride in quality and customer service quickly led to our expansion into the commercial market. Our primary goal with each and every client is to ensure that their needs are met with an effectively designed plan. We understand that time is crucial for a business and that is why we execute each project with efficiency while still maintaining the utmost attention to detail.

Whether your project is big or small, we will design the best system to fit your needs within the defined budget and back it with a 3 year installation warranty.

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