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Your leading network experts!

Gold Spool is Fort Wayne's leading network consultant and installation professional! We specialize in commercial and residential networking, whole home audio, home theater, smart home applications, home automation, comfort control, lighting control, security systems, and surveillance cameras.

TV Living Room


The technology demands of a modern day home continue to grow at an unprecedented rate. Many new homes are prewired during the construction phase but implementing the appropriate network is key to a happy home owner. Utilizing the most current networking standards ensures that every customer is 100% satisfied. 

Profector Maintenance


Whether your project includes a complete remodel of the space or you just need a basic television and sound bar mounted and installed, we can design and implement a system that best suits your needs. 

Empty Orchestra Stage


Implementing a whole home audio system into your home is a sure way to keep guests entertained for gatherings. Our design process includes systems ranging from playing the same audio in every room or controlling the source and volume from a tablet or smart phone. 

Security Camera


Designing and installing a security camera system that brings your home or business peace of mind is our goal. Gold Spool is certain to meet your needs with a wide range of options such as wired/wireless systems, remote access, motion alerts, and integration into other smart home applications.

Server Installation


Every business has unique technological requirements and Gold Spool can help guide you through the process. Switches, firewalls, access points, servers, network attached storage, and VoIP Phones are just a few of the many products we can help with.

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